Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year
Hello Rouge Mex Friends,

Since we are a Hong Kong brand, we want to share some traditions and preparations for the Chinese Year. This year we are celebrating the year of the Water Rabbit.
For the Chinese, it's essential to declutter your place before CNY. People clean their homes and space just like Marie Kondo, I have been doing this for more than 10yrs, and I need to tell you that it gives so much joy and relief. In our house, we clean up everything: clothes, shoes, homeware, kitchen items, documents, stationery, etc.
Everything must be clean before CNY!
In CNY you are not allowed to clean your place; if you do, you are throwing your good fortune away: so don't sweep the floor or wash clothes.
During and after CNY you cannot cut your hair; if you do so, you are throwing away your prosperity. You must wait fifteen days after all the festivities finish before cutting your hair. So, before CNY all the hair salons in Hong Kong are always fully booked.

Red envelopes (Lai See in Cantonese) are a must in Chines culture.
You give red envelopes to colleagues, people working for you, and staff working in your building. In general, you give Lai See to unmarried people and children. Be careful with the number 4. In Chinese culture, it is considered bad luck. Even numbers, except four, are better than odd.

For CNY festivities, wearing red is a MUST, and it's considered good luck and good fortune. Everyone wears red during the festivities. In addition to red for the 2023 year of the water rabbit, you can wear green, pink, or blue for good luck and fortune.

Please find below a few options from our collection for you to wear this Chinese Festival Season, and we wish you all a great, healthy and prosperous 2023!


Energy, Good for Career  Hope, Good for wealth
Prosperity and Good Health Romance, Good for Relationship

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